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AAMI – Insuring Australian Cars, Home, Businesses & More!

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Customers rate our Car Insurance

  • Covers damage to your car
  • Also covers damage to other people’s vehicle or property
  • Includes cover for car theft
  • Covers damage to other people’s vehicle or property
  • Covers damage to your car by uninsured drivers who are at fault (up to $5,000)
  • Optional cover for fire and theft damage to your car is available

Customers rate our Home Insurance

Over 45 years insuring Australians

Customers with the following AAMI policies are eligible for AAMI Lucky Club via My Account or the AAMI App:

  • Any Car and Vehicle policies
  • Home and/or Contents, including Landlord and Strata
  • Life
  • Income Protection
  • Health (only via My Account)
  • Travel (only via the AAMI App)

Insurance for almost everything

AAMI Roadside Assist is a dedicated 24/7 emergency roadside assistance service for your car, from a leading emergency assistance provider. Available 24 hours after taking out or adding this optional cover to your policy. It is additionally subject to the AAMI Roadside Assist Terms and Conditions

AAMI Roadside Assist helps you with:

  • changing a flat tyre
  • towing your car to an accredited repairer
  • jump starting or charging a flat battery
  • emergency fuel delivery
  • lost or locked keys, by spare key delivery or locksmith attendance.​ Limitations and exclusions apply.

When your car is damaged by a collision with another vehicle driven by an uninsured driver, we cover damage to your car (up to the amount of $5,000), but only if, the other driver was entirely at fault and you can give us the name and address of the person at fault and the registration number of the at fault vehicle.​

If your car's less than 2 years old and you're the first registered owner, if your car is stolen or damaged and your claim is accepted as a total loss, where possible we'll replace it with a new car of the same make, model and series as your car. Where this is not possible we will instead pay the amount covered, less applicable deductions. See the PDS for full details.

At AAMI after a not-at-fault accident we provide you with a hire car that meets your needs (for until your car is repaired and returned, or your claim is settled) if you can provide full details of the at-fault driver and their vehicle. Some exclusions apply, refer to the PDS for full conditions.

At AAMI we cover all legal modifications and accessories fitted to your car, there is usually no need to list them on your policy. If you choose to insure for an amount covered, just ensure the amount you cover your car for is enough to also include the value of the insured accessories and modifications. If you choose to insure for market value (and we agree), the value of all insured accessories and modifications will be included within your vehicles market value, which we determine at claim time.

With the Optional Cover - hire car after an event, enjoy the convenience of a hire care when your car’s out of action because of an incident, even if it’s your fault. We'll cover reasonable hire car costs up to $90 per day until your claim is settled or your car is returned to you.​​

This Optional Cover means you'll pay no excess on one claim per year for repairs or replacement of your windscreen, window glass or sunroof when damaged by an incident covered by your policy.​

The Fire and Theft Cover is a higher level of cover you pay extra for to include cover for fire, theft and attempted theft damage to your car.​

Standard Cover

Sum Insured Cover

You specify a sum insured on your policy, which should reflect how much it’d cost to rebuild your house. If the house is damaged in an insured event, this amount is the maximum we’ll pay to rebuild or repair it.

how it works

  • You choose the maximum amount you’d like to insure your home for.
  • Choosing the amount generally means lower premium payments.
  • You know the exact maximum amount you can be paid out.

This is included as standard with AAMI Home Insurance policies.

how to get it

  • Comes standard with eligible AAMI Home Insurance policies.

Product Disclosure Document (PDS)

Optional Cover

Complete Replacement Cover

If your house needs to be repaired or rebuilt after an insured event, we will offer to repair or rebuild your house as it was, or pay you the amount of the assessed quote to repair or rebuild it – without you having to set a specific sum insured.

how it works

  • You don't need to specify how much it would cost to rebuild your home.
  • We'll cover the cost of any spikes in building costs.
  • You won't be left with any extra costs.

You can upgrade to Complete Replacement Cover when you get your quote online.

Home Owner Occupiers & Renters

If you accidentally drop, knock, spill or otherwise damage something at home, this optional cover can help. It can apply to your house itself, your contents, or both, depending on your policy.

When accidental loss or damage has occurred:

  • Rebuilding or repairing your damaged home (with Building Insurance)
  • Repairing or replacing your lost or damaged contents (with Contents Insurance)

Read the PDS for more detail, including limits and exclusions.

AAMI Home Assist can offer you help from a plumber, electrician, locksmith or carpenter in the event of a home emergency. So if you’ve had AAMI Home Assist on your policy for 24 hours or more and you come home to something unexpected like a burst pipe or blown fuse, we can help get it sorted ASAP.

Home & Contents and Building Only Insurance

There’s not much more annoying than fixing broken glass. Whether it’s a shower screen, window, fixed mirror or skylight, it can be expensive and time consuming to sort out. Luckily, with this optional cover, AAMI can help.

what's included

  • Replacement of accidentally broken fixed glass in windows, doors, skylights, shower screens and fixed mirrors which are part of the home building
  • Repair or replacement of frames in windows, doors and shower screens if necessary to enable the glass to be replaced
  • No excess to pay when your claim is only for the broken fixed glass
  • Access to trusted glass repairers

This optional cover is for fixed glass only. Refer to the PDS for more information.

Some geographic limitations apply.

If you’ve selected AAMI Home Assist as an optional cover on your AAMI Home Insurance policy and you’ve had it for 24 hours or more:

For assistance in a home emergency - ie, a sudden and unforeseen incident at your home which requires urgent attention - call 13 22 44.

We can connect you with a plumber, electrician, locksmith or carpenter.

Covers you for the professional fees incurred if your business’s financial or tax affairs are audited by an authorised authority.

Covers you for a reduction in your business revenue as a result of damage to your property by an insured event.

Covers you for the loss of your business contents and stock from theft, attempted theft, armed hold up or an actual/threatened assault.

Covers you for physical loss or damage to your property (ie. your business contents, stock or specified items at the premises) from insured events such as fire, lightning and explosion.

Covers you for the cost of compensation if your business is responsible for personal injury or property damage.

Home & Contents covers a range of insured events, such as fire, theft or attempted theft, storms, flood and lightning.

Legal liability covers your liability to pay compensation for death or injury to other people, or loss of or damage to their property, if it results from an incident that’s connected with you owning or living in the home at the insured address. Legal liability on contents covers your liability to pay compensation for an incident which causes death or bodily injury to other people, if it occurs anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Up to $20 million cover for your legal liability for an incident at your rental property connected to you owning the property.

Up to 10% of the building sum insured and the longest period that can be claimed for is 52 weeks, for unit owners if their unit is damaged and their tenant can't live in it as a result of an incident covered by the policy.​

The longest period we will pay for one incident is 52 weeks and the most we will pay in total is up to $25,000 if your property cannot be lived in as a result of an incident covered by the policy.

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